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Trident’s Student Incentive Program 2023


Trident Freight starts its Student Incentive Program for Summer 2023 as its continued commitment to provide opportunity to the young generation in Gibraltar.

When the Company first started offering transport services to Gibraltar more than 30 years ago, it employed 3 students who had decided to leave school at the ages of 16. We are proud to say that these students are today still with us and are now part of our senior team. Continuing our student development, Trident employed a further student asset a few years ago who now also forms an integral part of Team Trident.

At Trident Freight we believe that with the right training provided, students can learn from the logistics sector and hopefully one day become part of this important sector in Gibraltar.  Freight forwarding operations are the backbone of Gibraltar’s economy providing supplies of all types of commodities on a daily basis. From food supplies to pharmaceuticals, its those in the logistical sector who work hard day and night to make those products appear on the shelves.

Employment in Logistics can be hugely satisfying with plenty room for growth in a fast paced and dynamic environment.

This week we welcome local students Joseph Harper and Maxwell Santos who have joined our Summer Program 2023.

If you are a student and are interested in applying in the future, please feel free to contact our team on


Image of Returnign Students